Local NHS Dentist Glasgow

slide1We offer trusted NHS dental treatments at our practice, so if you are looking for a practice that is local to Glasgow then you should come and take a look at what we can offer. Our dental treatments provide the dental care that you need to keep your mouth, teeth and gums healthy and pain-free.

Our local NHS dentists are able to provide NHS dental care to children who are under the age of 18, or for those under 19 and in full-time education free of charge. It is also free on the NHS if you qualify for it under the NHS exempt criteria.

Treatment is limited to just the essentials that are required to maintain your basic oral health. For example, dental examinations, fillings, root fillings, crowns, bridges and dentures. Other treatments such as orthodontic treatments and dental implants are available on the NHS, however, this is only if there is a proven medical need for them.

At our dental practice, patient care is our main priority. Our NHS dentists have a wide range of appointments available so that you have accessible appointment times and they will go out of their way to teach you about dental hygiene at home, with every aspect of your dental care journey being carefully considered.

Each of our NHS dentists aim to provide exceptional care to each and every patient and pride themselves on meeting and exceeding the highest standards of clinical governance.

When you come to our dental practice you can expect one of our NHS dentists to take time to take a look at your teeth and gums, this will allow them to find out whether or not work is required and will give them the chance to discuss treatment. No work will be carried out on your teeth without your consent and you’ll be given a treatment plan that outlines all details of the treatment, you’ll then be able to make a decision as to whether or not you want to go ahead with the treatment and if you do then you’ll be able to arrange for the treatment to be started.

For an appointment with one of our NHS dentists, just give us a call today.

Local NHS Dentist Clarkston

slide1Are you looking for an NHS dentist that is local to Clarkston? If so then you should come to us, we are situated near Clarkston and have been open for several years now.

We understand that a visit to a dentist can be nerve racking so rest-assured that all of our staff are gentle and caring, with them making things as comfortable for you as possible.

As your local NHS dentists, we are highly experienced and are always up to date with any developments that there are in NHS dentistry. We are dedicated to delivering an NHS dental service that is of the highest standards, a service that is built on trust, care, respect and pride.

We aim to earn our patients trust with the high quality care and respect that we demonstrate during our NHS treatments. As a local NHS dentist, we place a massive deal of emphasis on continuous professional development which will enable us to completely satisfy your needs.

We value the diversity of both our patients and our staff members. For us to create a respectful and supportive working environment we take the time to communicate with everyone at our practice which will ensure mutual understanding and inclusion.

When it comes to your future dental treatment and care you can expect to be involved in the full process, with us working with you to create practical solutions that match your individual needs.

At our dental surgery near Clarkston, we take pride in retaining and developing NHS dentists that are both skilled and motivated, with our dentists being proud to work for us.

Treatment on the NHS can be free for some patients, this depends on your circumstances for example if you receive benefits, your income, your age or whether or not you are in full-time education. One of our NHS dentists can happily discuss your circumstances with you to determine whether or not you are entitled to free treatment under the NHS or if you have to pay a fee for treatment to be carried out.

Before any fees are discussed you can expect one of our dentists to take a look inside your mouth, this will determine whether or not you require treatment. At this point they’ll discuss the different options available along with the cost, if there is any.

To arrange an appointment with one of our dentists, just give us a call. Alternatively, you can send us an email and we’ll get back to you.

Teeth Whitening Dentist Glasgow

11Teeth whitening involves bleaching your teeth to make them lighter. The treatment is capable of lightening your existing colour by several shades, making them much brighter and whiter.

More and more people in Glasgow want to have brighter, whiter teeth but many of those people choose to buy online teeth whitening packs as opposed to going to see a teeth whitening dentist.

Teeth whitening is a form of dentistry that should only be performed or prescribed by a dentist, hygienist or dental therapist. There are beauty salons that also offer the treatment although, the majority of the people providing the treatment aren’t qualified dentists meaning that they would carry risks. When it comes to the home whitening kits that are offered online and over counters in shops you should avoid them too as the bleach may be too strong for the teeth and because the bleaching tray isn’t made specifically for your mouth it can result in the bleach getting on to your gums and causing sensitivity and blistering.

At our dental practice in Glasgow we offer teeth whitening as one of our treatments and have dentists available who have carried out this treatment for hundreds of patients over the years.

We currently have two options available for patients who are interested in coming to us for our teeth whitening treatment, these are as follows:

  • Chair-side whitening
  • Dentist-supervised home whitening


Chair-side whitening

For this treatment you’ll be expected to come into our dental surgery in Glasgow where we will supervise the treatment. When we are carrying out the treatment we will put a rubber shield or a gel on to your gums to protect them and we’ll then apply the whitening product on to your teeth using a specially made tray.

Dentist-supervised home whitening

This is where we will arrange for a tray to be specially made to fit into your mouth like a gum shield. You’ll be given the whitening gel and the tray away to take home with you along with a routine to follow at home and you’ll be able to do the whitening yourself.


Before our teeth whitening dentist is able to provide you with the trays or bleaching gel it’s important that you come in for a consultation. This will determine whether or not you are suitable for the treatment and will give our teeth whitening dentist a chance to discuss each option along with the cost.

If you are then suitable for treatment and happy to go ahead then we’ll arrange for impressions of your teeth to be taken so that it can be sent away to a lab for your bleaching tray to be custom made.

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