Local NHS Dentist Clarkston

slide1Are you looking for an NHS dentist that is local to Clarkston? If so then you should come to us, we are situated near Clarkston and have been open for several years now.

We understand that a visit to a dentist can be nerve racking so rest-assured that all of our staff are gentle and caring, with them making things as comfortable for you as possible.

As your local NHS dentists, we are highly experienced and are always up to date with any developments that there are in NHS dentistry. We are dedicated to delivering an NHS dental service that is of the highest standards, a service that is built on trust, care, respect and pride.

We aim to earn our patients trust with the high quality care and respect that we demonstrate during our NHS treatments. As a local NHS dentist, we place a massive deal of emphasis on continuous professional development which will enable us to completely satisfy your needs.

We value the diversity of both our patients and our staff members. For us to create a respectful and supportive working environment we take the time to communicate with everyone at our practice which will ensure mutual understanding and inclusion.

When it comes to your future dental treatment and care you can expect to be involved in the full process, with us working with you to create practical solutions that match your individual needs.

At our dental surgery near Clarkston, we take pride in retaining and developing NHS dentists that are both skilled and motivated, with our dentists being proud to work for us.

Treatment on the NHS can be free for some patients, this depends on your circumstances for example if you receive benefits, your income, your age or whether or not you are in full-time education. One of our NHS dentists can happily discuss your circumstances with you to determine whether or not you are entitled to free treatment under the NHS or if you have to pay a fee for treatment to be carried out.

Before any fees are discussed you can expect one of our dentists to take a look inside your mouth, this will determine whether or not you require treatment. At this point they’ll discuss the different options available along with the cost, if there is any.

To arrange an appointment with one of our dentists, just give us a call. Alternatively, you can send us an email and we’ll get back to you.