Teeth Whitening Giffnock

Are you in the Giffnock area unhappy with your teeth or looking for the perfect smile? Then look no further as we are a highly experienced teeth whitening dentists located close by.

Nowadays teeth whitening is very popular among the general public searching for the perfect teeth giving you the added confidence to smile. However many people often would prefer other forms of teeth whitening such as buying products online or buying products over the counter rather than visiting a local trained teeth whitening dentist. Whilst this works for some people it is on the whole a risk as the products are made for the general public and not specifically for the individual. This could result in things like the bleach being too strong for the your mouth and leaving you in a lot of pain and discomfort.

Therefore it would make sense to have this procedure performed by a trained dentist which we have right here at our surgery. These dentists at our surgery have numerous years of experience at performing this teeth whitening procedure and have had hundreds of satisfied patients who have left with exactly what they were looking for.



The two forms of teeth whitening we have available at our surgery are Chair Side Whitening and Dentist Supervised Home Whitening.

For the Chair Side Whitening procedure we would arrange for you to come in to our practice near Giffnock where one of our dentist would oversee it and what we would do is put a special gel over your gums to protect them from the bleach. One of our highly trained dentists would then apply the whitening product to your teeth using a special tray which is specific to your teeth.

With the Dentist Supervised Home Whitening treatment we would arrange for you to come in so that we could have a special tray which would be made to specifically for your mouth. One of our dentists would then give you advice and information on how to use the product before sending you away with the teeth whitening product. If you had any issues with using or applying the product then you could come back in visit or get in contact with one of our team who would provide further assistance.

Before the treatment could start you would have to come in and have a consultation with one of our teeth whitening experts. Here we could determine if you are suitable to have the treatment done. If you are suitable then they would discuss with you what is the best treatment for you and the cost of the treatment. After the consultation if you are suitable and would like the treatment done then we could make arrangements to get impressions of your teeth which we will then send away for your own specially made bleaching tray.

If you are interested in what we have to offer then please to do not hesitate to contact us to book in for a chat.